Data Analysis

Data with a purpose is the bedrock of every service and offering at CarbonIsle. We constantly ask questions and seek ways to uncover answers. Clearly stated goals combined with methods for measuring success are incorporated into everything we do.

Marketing efforts are more successful when properly targeted.  Insights regarding existing customers can define ideal prospect profiles to focus marketing campaigns. Simply attracting traffic is not sufficient. Your business deserves quality leads. Your business deserves leads more likely to convert to sales.

The sales process can be guided by information collected along the way.  Lead scoring systems start the process by prioritizing qualified leads. Distribution systems ensure leads are delivered to the most appropriate sales members. Finally, sales results are examined to refine the process and uncover new opportunities.
"Information is not knowledge." 
-Albert Einstein

"Knowledge is data given purpose."
- CarbonIsle

Data Analysis Services

AB Testing

Data Mining

We begin by applying data mining algorithms to your existing database to identify trends as well as gaps.  This knowledge discovery leads to new methods of data collection to bolster all facets of your online presence.  Better business decisions are built on the information we capture and uncover.
Search Engine Optimization

Data Visualization

It can be easy to get lost in the sea of information and big data. CarbonIsle can send your business a lifeboat. It is important to filter through the noise and get to the point. Dynamic charts and maps help deliver the heart of the story in the simplest, timeliest and most compelling ways possible.
Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

It is time to step beyond traffic for the sake of traffic. Simply increasing traffic to a site is fruitless for most businesses. The true goal should be to increase sales while, if possible, decreasing costs. Combining insights with machine learning and complex formulas we help identify the brightest potential customers.

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